Easy Steps To Transfer 007Names Domain To Namecheap

Many websites and blogs has been using Domain Name registrar or web hosting company for years now, before some others like domainking and garanntor came to existence. But this page is for those who are feed up and wants to move to namecheap for free (no payments included).

An example is
If you want to transfer your domain name from to or another user/another registrar, here are the leasy steps you need to take:
But before we take a look at that, let's see what domain transfer is or what it really entails.
WHAT IS DOMAIN TRANSFER?:Well, according to namecheap's definition, a domain transfer simply is the process of changing the designated registrar of a domain name (
With this brief definition, you should have a good insight on what domain transfer is.
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Things You Should Know If You Patronize Roadside Mechanics

Roadside Mechanics do help people around the world today for different reasons and because they are even cheap. You probably would have no choice to need their help because their near you.
Are you a logician? You need to see this 7 Traffic Transport Related Tips Lagos New Comers Know
They help us get our mobile cars or vehicle done and repaired faster when in a stranded situation, just like when you are traveling and your vehicle or auto mobile  gets spoilt. Even though they might not be experts and it might not be done so excellent, but they help in times of need.

But forget the praises, this mechanic's can even cause your car with just a little problem not to even start anymore.
Well, if you do patronise them, here are some things you should take note of;
1. Never Take a Car With Full Tank To Them

I pity you when you come and collect your car and you here stories about your fuel. The same even happens to generator local mechanics that comes to you or you go to also. Never you take ful…

How To Set Webcam As Desktop Background In Windows 10

If you're interested in setting your webcam as your desktop background in windows 10 PC for any reason, here is a very simple way for you to do that. Hmmmm, i am pretty sure that with some sort of coding, you could do this without requiring any tool. But today, using a VideoLAN VLC Media Player, you can do this instantly too.

For those using the windows 7 operating system, the Active Desktop feature which allows you to set HTML contents as your desktop  has already been disabled, so your options are now limited.
The method your about to go through now is to steam the webcam's output, either from a local webcam or a remote one, into your VLC Media Player, and the vlc plays the video directly on the desktop background.
Otherwise, by right clicking on the desktop, select 'Personalize' and then 'Desktop Background', you can then select any picture on the pc to use as wallpaper.
Below is a simple guide on how you can quickly set your webcam as your wallpaper on windows …

HP ProBook 470 G4 Specs & Prices In Naira & Dollars

The HP ProBookis one which is most suitable for those business users who prefers a note with large screen display and also enhances productivity too.

The hp products are very awesome and the best choice when desiring a laptop for personal and office use. With it's slim and good looking appearance, alongside with it's amazing functions, tools and inbuilt software's, you will love it.
As for me personally, i rather use Hp, Compaq or don't use a laptop.
Specs And Features Of HP ProBook 470 G4Here are the complete specs & features of the hp probook 470 G4 notebook:
- HP Fingerprint Reader (optional)
- Processor: 7th Generation Intel Core i3-700U HD Graphics 620, Core i5 and Core i7 Processor, 2.4 GHz, 3MB L3 cache
- Optional DVD Drive
- Integrated Stereo Speaker
- Storage: 600GB HDD (7200 rpm or 5400 rpm), 1TB HDD and 2TB HDD (up to 152GB SDD)
- Optical Storage:
Yes, optional
- GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620, discrete NVIDIA GeForce 930MX Graphics
- Integrated Dual Array Micropho…

Top 8 Awesome Health Benefits of Cucumber

Choose a healthy, darkened green cucumber and put into your shopping basket from a mall. Good to go! You just bought yourself a nice fruit with rich nutrients. Yea, surprised? Yes, it's a fruit and not 'vegetable' as many do believe. Now you know it's calcification.
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Below is the shot list of cucumber health benefits for all:

Helps To Manage Stress: Cucumber that we all know contains multiple B vitamins which consist of vitamin B1, Vitamin B5, and biotin (vitamin B7). The B vitamins as listed are known to assist ease felling of anxaity and also buffer most of the damaging effects caused by stress too.3 Super Cool Cucumber Recipes It Keeps You Hydrated: You might be too busy to take enough water, eat some bites of cucumber, which contains 60% of water, it will help.Benefits Of Cucumber Water Residents To Inflammation: Cucumbers …

2 Ways To Know A Business Venture Is Not Going To Move Forward [Company Success]

2 Ways To Know A Business Venture Isn't Going To Move Forward

In this recent days of the 21st century, there are different and lots of businesses to start or invest in, but the question is which of them has a future? So to be on the safer side, it is very important to know what particular business to invest your money on to avoid loss instead of gain. Inforetweet shares this amazing 2 Ways to know a business venture isn't going to move forward from experience and online sources.

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1. All Income Comes From a Handful of Customers
If you find that with a business venture is less, then you have to find how to increase the number by taking actions like marketing and networking to help the sustainable of the business.

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2. Little Or No Focus

Lack of focus is one thing that kills business, and if you notice any business that lacks focus or with one that keeps changing or expanding …

How To Save WhatsApp Photo & Video Status

You have been having problems in saving the WhatsApp status image? We all have too. Don't worry, we have a trick for use as usual to help you downloadvideos and photos from the status updates without you asking for it. Maybe someday WhatsApp might include this feature am about to introduce to you into android and iPhone, but till then let's use this.

1. Go To File Manager

2. Click on "option" >>Settings >> Check on "View Hidden Files"

3. Go back to the File Manager home ans scroll down to the default WhatsApp folder.

4. Click on the "media" folder.

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5. Click on the "Status" folder, which normally is the first on the list and contains all the status files since the last 24hours.

Note: They delete automatically after 24hours.
6. Now copy or move and paste the file you wish to save in any other folder of your choice.

Download Story Saver For Whatsapp by Apkpure.…