How To Set Webcam As Desktop Background In Windows 10

If you're interested in setting your webcam as your desktop background in windows 10 PC for any reason, here is a very simple way for you to do that. Hmmmm, i am pretty sure that with some sort of coding, you could do this without requiring any tool. But today, using a VideoLAN VLC Media Player, you can do this instantly too.

How To Set Webcam As Desktop Background In Windows 10

For those using the windows 7 operating system, the Active Desktop feature which allows you to set HTML contents as your desktop  has already been disabled, so your options are now limited.

The method your about to go through now is to steam the webcam's output, either from a local webcam or a remote one, into your VLC Media Player, and the vlc plays the video directly on the desktop background.

Otherwise, by right clicking on the desktop, select 'Personalize' and then 'Desktop Background', you can then select any picture on the pc to use as wallpaper.

Below is a simple guide on how you can quickly set your webcam as your wallpaper on windows 10 operating systems:

QUESTION:How Can I Set The Live Video Feed From The ISS As My Desktop Background? Answered by SuperUsers.

Step 1: Install & Lunch VLC Media Player in your computer (if not yet installed).

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Step 3: From the menu bar at the top, select 'Media' and then 'Open Capture Device'.

Step 3: In the window that then opens, choose 'DirectShow' for 'Capture Mode'. Choose a webcam attached to your PC and a microphone if you desire. Lastly, click on 'Play'.

Step 4: You will then see live video steam captured from your pc's webcam inside VLC Media Player. Select 'Video' and 'Set as wallpaper' also from the menu too.

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Step 5: Your all done! Now your desktop background is all set to the live video feed from your pc's webcam.

That you can switch to your desktop and view your webcam's video feed by pressing the 'win+D' key.
The VLC Media Player will keep showing up at the bottom windows task bar. You can even switch to this window and click the STOP button to cease the webcam video feed from your desktop.
 That this will also restore your previous background.

You can also use to have a live feed automatically display as the wallpaper. Though it has not really being tried out or tested by me (the author of this blog), but you can check it out, might be of help with that too.

For those using other windows like the windows 7, another method you can use is to set your background to point directly to a particular directory and set the 'Change Picture Every'  to a maximum of 10 seconds.

You can then use a piece of time lapse software to dump images into the folder at regular bases. Windows then watches the directory you set so it now automatically finds new image captures you dumped there, and then incorporate them into the slideshow.

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